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Analyzing Personal Statements and Tax Returns

One of the more challenging aspects of lending is analyzing personal financial statements and tax returns. Assessing the borrower’s ability to convert assets to cash to pay short-term debt or honor a guaranty often requires significant adjustments to the borrower’s reported net worth. Adjusted gross income on Form 1040 bears no relationship at all to cash available to pay personal living expenses and debt service. To determine cash available, the lender must construct a personal cash flow using information contained in the personal financial statement and schedules of the tax return. Lenders recognize that the business and personal financial affairs of small business borrowers are closely intertwined necessitating the integration of business and personal cash flow to determine global cash flow.

Who Should Attend:

Credit Analysts
Commercial and Small Business Lenders
Branch Managers
Private Bankers
Consumer Lenders
Mortgage Lenders

Program Length: One Day