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John Barrickman
New Horizons Principal

A former bank CEO, John Barrickman is an engaging professional educator with unique insights on industry and market trends based upon his breadth of expertise and understanding of banking as a business in an ever- changing environment.  He has been a faculty member at all six major Graduate Schools of Banking across the country.  This interaction provides continual exposure to the credit processes of banks of all sizes and enables customized solutions for either n-house training programs or internal credit process issues regardless of the size, location, risk tolerance and competencies of any banking organization.
Barrickman has created a Commercial Lending Curriculum (Curriculum) which is the foundation for a week-long commercial lending schools currently offered by 12 state banking associations.  The Curriculum material, updated annually, consists of instructor and student manuals.  The material is copyrighted and licensed to the state banking associations for their exclusive use only.
Barrickman has also taught for the Federal Reserve System, RMA, and the American Bankers Association. In addition, he has also developed training programs for banking institutes in Kuwait, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.  An award- winning contributor to the RMA Journal, he has also co-authored a book entitled Strategic Credit Risk Management for RMA.
A Kentucky native, he holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance from the University of Kentucky.

Christine Corso
New Horizons Principal


Christine Corso is a former domestic and international corporate lender with specific strengths in management, leadership, business development, relationship and portfolio management, credit policy, credit analysis, loan structuring and problem resolution. Her consulting specialties are Loan Policy development and comprehensive credit process and loan portfolio review assessment for client banks across the country ranging in asset size from $100 million to $10 Billion. She is also an award-winning contributor to the RMA Journal.