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Advanced Cash Flow Analysis and Loan Structure
When is Enough - Enough?

One of the hardest parts of managing a lending relationship is determining the appropriate amount for a line of credit and determining when it is appropriate to ask the borrower to amortize the revolving balance on a line. Borrowers would prefer that the bank continue to loan them money and never ask to be paid. Lenders want to support the growth of the borrower's business and personal goals. Lenders do not want to cross over the line and become an investor or worse yet, a philanthropist. Determining when it is appropriate to say "enough is enough" is a critical decision not to be made lightly since it will force the borrower to slow the growth of his/her business and adjust his/her lifestyle.

This course is designed for lenders and credit personnel with at least two years' experience in lending. The course will teach participants how to determine the maximum line of credit appropriate for a borrower and the factors which will determine when it is appropriate to convert revolving debt to amortizing debt.

The course will also address structuring a loan to assure conversion to amortizing debt when appropriate and without surprise to the borrower.

Who Should Attend:
Credit Analysts
Lenders with 2-5 years experience
Others as appropriate

Program Length: One Day