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Analyzing Corporate Statements and Tax Returns

When assessing a loan request, commercial lenders must answer four questions:

Who is the borrower?
What is the request?
What is the financial condition of the borrower?
What is the best way to structure the loan to meet the needs of the customer and the bank?

To answer these questions, the lender needs to:

  • Understand how a business operates
  • Understand how financing needs arise in a business
  • Utilize a series of analytical tools to assess the borrower's ability to repay and to withstand adversity

This workshop will introduce participants to a series of analytical tools including mental picture, comparative/common-size analysis, ratio analysis, and cash flow analysis, and demonstrate how these tools can be used in a series of case studies.

Who Should Attend:

Credit Analysts
Commercial and Small Business Lenders
Loan Review Personnel

Program Length: One Day