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Essentials of Commercial Lending

Many banks have centralized and automated the underwriting of small business loans. Branch managers, relationship managers and small business lenders are expected to source small business lending opportunities and grow the relationship with the customer. Unfortunately, many of these individuals do not have the skills to identify good lending opportunities, talk intelligently with small business people about their business, or recommend appropriate bank lending products.

Compounding the problem, many of these individuals do not know what information to request from the borrower to support the request nor can they identify potential problems with the application and discuss appropriate mitigants. As a result, the underwriting unit becomes clogged with applications that do not meet the bank's underwriting guidelines. Those sourcing applications become frustrated because loans are not approved. Customers become angry because loans are denied. Inevitably, bank loan volume, profitability and market share suffer.

This course will provide participants the tools to identify good lending opportunities, prepare better loan submission packages, identify cross-sell opportunities and add value to customer relationships. Participants will utilize a decision template to apply the concepts to actual lending situations.

Who Should Attend:
Small Business Lenders
Branch Managers
Credit Analysts

Program Length: Two Days