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Global Cash Flow Analysis

Many small business borrowers are organized as S Corporations or LLCs.  Subsets of those operate through multiple entities. The financial results of these entities flow through to the owner’s personal tax returns. Further complicating the analysis of these borrowers is the fact they often have different ownership interests in the entities.

Lenders recognize these challenges and also recognize that the personal and business affairs of the owner are closely intertwined. Therefore, analyzing business and personal cash flow separately is inadequate.  Lenders must integrate the two in a global cash flow.

This workshop will compare and contrast alternative approaches to cash flow and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each. The course will focus on the construction and interpretation of a global cash flow. Cash studies will be used to demonstrate the process for commercial borrowers, real estate investors and builder/developers.

Who Should Attend:
Credit Analysts
Prospective Lenders
Lenders with 1-3 years' experience

Program Length: One Day