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Key Issues in Underwriting Commercial Loans

The loan approval process quite often involves individuals who are not active in lending, e.g., board members. Many times individuals are placed in lending positions without comprehensive training. Loan support personnel and credit analysts quite often do not have a comprehensive view of the loan underwriting process. More and more lenders operate in a centralized underwriting and decisioning environment and often are not actively involved in the decisioning process. Each of these individuals plays a key part in the lending process and should have a fundamental understanding of how commercial loans are underwritten, decisioned and structured.

This one day course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the process used to underwrite commercial loans. Participants will be provided templates and decisioining frameworks which are applied in a series of case studies.

Who Should Attend:
Board Members
Non-lenders serving on loan committees
Junior Lenders
Credit Analysts
Experienced Lenders as appropriate

Program Length: One Day