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Loan Structure

Good underwriting is critical to the success of a loan, but so is good loan structure. In a well-structured loan, the lender understands what the borrower is using the money for. The lender has identified multiple sources of repayment. He or she has loaned the borrower enough money, but not too much and given the borrower enough time, but not too long. The lender has carefully analyzed collateral and established an appropriate advance rate. The lender has put in place a framework for monitoring the lending relationship. He or she has properly documented the loan and attached and perfected the bank's interest in the collateral. Most importantly, the lender has established a level of expectations with the borrower about financial reporting, financial performance and repayment of the debt.

Who Should Attend:

Lenders with 1-3 years experience
More seasoned lenders as appropriate

Program Length: One Day